Goal Nishinoya would come to learn from his grandfather that it would be wasteful to be afraid because it would keep him from experiencing new things and that he can always ask others for help if he is ever in a moment of true fear. Travelling the world During the warm-ups prior to the match, Nishinoya is spotted by Oikawa and noted to have been part of the practice match against Aoba Johsai. Nishinoya is later targeted by Oikawa's serve and surprises everyone when he is able to receive it with seemingly little effort. He has supremely fast reflexes, swift feet, and flexible arms. When Karasuno won the match, Nishinoya celebrates with his team. (Also, if you're reading this Scarlet, I hope you don't mind that my fanfic is sort-of inspired by yours!!) i think hot!nishinoya is him being half naked and with his hair down in onsen give me onsen episode now Image uploaded by saccharine. "I'm sorry" he whispers as he traces the bite mark on Asahi's shoulder. {Nishinoya Yuu X Reader} "Look! He also states that Oikawa's serve was not as efficient back then as it is now, claiming that his serve would often land out of bounds because he had yet to master the control of it[19]. Tanaka: okay we just have cross this road & we’ll be good. To be able to get into position at that height and make a perfect set when everything is moving at high speeds, that’s freaking amazing. Blog content: multifandom anime, non-anime (hp/dw/got heavy), gaming (kh/ff heavy), photography, typography, fanart/original art, personal. It was something so simple of just watching someone help someone spike, but I like the simplicity of it because there are a lot of things people chase after over really simple things. Hinata expresses his intention of becoming an ace, which Nishinoya finds awesome and cheers him on. Noya episode in a nutshell pt 3. The two shouts in shock and fright. Tanaka adds that he was Karasuno's only prodigy, only that it is no longer the case now as Kageyama has joined their team. Family Asahi expounds that no matter how many times he's blocked, he does want to hit the ball one more time. We get to see how the Miya twins started out and developed in volleyball and boy are they a couple of dumb boys. 】 Nishinoya, Yuu, hair down, hot Karasuno's Guardian Deity/God (By Hinata) Noya-san/Noya (English) Nishiya (By Shōyō Hinata ) Yeah, last year you were a pretty big asshole." When Hinata was naming his back minus, Nishinoya advised Hinata to add Thunder to the name. English Actor Er ist der Kapitän des Volleyball-Klubs an dieser Oberschule und gilt als einer der besten Zuspieler in der Gegend. From the volleyball manga series with two anime seasons, ‘Haikyu! For a second, I thought he was kageyama Hinata affirms, flattering Nishinoya even further. During the barbecue, Nishinoya teamed up with Tanaka and Yamamoto to act as body guards to Kiyoko and would prevent boys from other teams trying to approach her. This is a list of all the episodes in the anime. After high school Nishinoya decided to travel the world and as of 2018, he is currently in Italy, fishing for marlins. He explains that despite wanting to practice with them if he were to participate in a match and win, it would be like proving that Karasuno can win without Asahi and he doesn't want it. Dec 11, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by duru. He regularly styles his wild dark brown hair by ruffling most of it upwards, adding 10 cm to his height; the tiny tuft of hair that falls over his forehead appears to be bleached a dirty blond. He regularly styles his wild black hair by ruffling most of it upwards, adding 10 cm to his height; the tiny tuft of hair that falls over his forehead appears to be bleached a dirty blond. Nishinoya, however, comments that if he becomes stronger in body and spirit, he can snatch the regular spot from Asahi, fair and square, but his words only rattle Ennoshita. High School Student (2nd Year, Class 3) - 2012, Make plays that won't shame the name of Guardian Deity, Onions, Moths, anyone who tries to flirt with Kiyoko, and boys who get a lot of attention (example: Oikawa). Nishinoya notices Kiyoko's arrival and rushes to meet her. Sugawara thanks him but says it's only because the neighborhood team adjusts to him and that his toss still needs work. Nishinoya brushes his reaction off and adds as an afterthought that he has to snatch the regular spot from Tanaka first. Sections of this page. Tanaka states it's because Nishinoya only moves on pure instinct. Nishinoya is seen to stumble when receiving Ushiwaka's serves, but later adapts to it and returns them consistently. Asahi embarrassingly apologizes. The match against Nekoma soon proves to be Karasuno's toughest one yet. Hinata decoys for the Karasuno team, allowing Tanaka to get the chance to hit the ball as the neighborhood blockers have marked Hinata. Kageyama, confused, asks why he had yelled. Nobuhiko Okamoto With Asahi scoring the point, the two were able to cut off Oikawa's serve right away. Occupation !, Nishinoya is seen spiking. Nishinoya, now with a slap mark on his left face, asks if Asahi has come back. [2] He received an award for his exceptional performance as a libero later that same year, which made him famous.[3]. Nishinoya can be extremely impatient, excitable and impulsive. Make plays that won't shame the name of Guardian Deity Always keep voice raised Discover (and save!) In the short chapter Nisekyū! Aww look. Nishinoya scolds Asahi when he shakes after being fluttered by Kageyama's words, which was addressed to Hinata and his jealousy of Asahi's hit power. Hinata ist begeistert von dem Sport und blieb sogar dabei, als die von ihm zusammengestellte Amateurmannschaft bei einem Turnier von Profis gnadenlos platt gemacht wurde. Nishinoya teaches the first years how to do receives. He has a quirky habit of spontaneously coming up with ridiculous names for the moves he executes while practicing receives. And yeah… I can definitely see where he got his borderline obsession with girls from. Daichi notes how despite with his small body, Nishinoya's presence is overwhelming and gives them peace of mind. Nendoroid Yu Nishinoya! Afterwards, he is seen with the rest of the second years in reuniting with Kurokawa. Daichi and Takeda converse about the position of libero and how it will be encouraging if Nishinoya comes back as their libero. When Seijoh was eventually able to bring the second set to a deuce, Nishinoya becomes frustrated with himself when he was unable to receive Oikawa's serve. But he also said that something the crowd likes even better than a good spike is an awesome save. At the beginning of March, when Asahi doesn't show up for practice, Nishinoya goes after him and yells at him for quitting the team. Yū Nishinoya (Japanese: 西谷 (にしのや) 夕 (ゆう) , Nishinoya Yū) was a second-year student at Karasuno High School. Nishinoya plays in the game between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai. Wiki. This category serves as an index of images uploaded at the Haikyuu!! Accepting help from his fellow second years, Nishinoya would join in regular study groups and received most of tutoring from Ennoshita. Just before the match, Nishinoya would be seen along with Tanaka in giving the players of Tsubakihara Academy looks of intimidation that successfully put some of the players on edge along with the reputation Karasuno gained in being the team that had defeated Shiratorizawa. So I was glad to see that his contribution didn’t necessarily have him be the hero on the court, but someone who was able to be a hero to another. 51.1 kg (112.7 lbs) Nishinoya also celebrates the news that Takeda presents on the team being invited by Coach Nekomata to join the summer training camp held by the Fukurōdani Academy Group. In the Anime But in the end, while they have vastly different personalities and fight a lot, in the end, they still love one another as siblings do. Asahi tells Nishinoya that he does want to which confuses the latter. He looks so much better with his hair down… a shame really. His smile widened as he ran his fingers in the boys long brown hair. Height When Sawamura states that the reliable Nishinoya has returned, Nishinoya proudly affirms, only to be embarrassed as Sawamura reminds him to never shove the vice-principal again. Season three aired from October 7, 2016 to December 9, 2016 with a total of ten episodes. But I still think the name Yū doesn’t fit Nishinoya!". As said by Hinata and Tanaka, when Nishinoya's hair is down, he looks like a child. Also Known As "I think I love you way more now than last year. Upon learning of Hinata's spiking height matching Asahi's, Nishinoya believes it is partly due to Kageyama's want of trying to get the spiker's to reach higher points. Aug 18, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Walkman. Confused, Nishinoya asks what the ruckus is about and warns them they'll make Sawamura mad. 23 - Nov 2018 The two often clashed out of sibling rivalry and it probably helped them drive to get better having someone around them to always challenge them. Nishinoya and Tanaka retort that there's no way the air within a 500-m radius of Kiyoko stinks. Saved by Baby Alien Baby Alien I hurriedly got ready, tossing on the first outfit I found in my closet before brushing my hair. Although he hardly ever worries about the consequences of his actions (and may even revert to violence to vent out his anger on certain occasions), he is surprisingly considerate of his friends' feelings and insecurities. Watching Atsumu in action must have lit a fire under Kageyama. Tōru Oikawa (及川徹 Oikawa Tōru ) ist ein Schüler im dritten Jahr der Aobajōsai-Oberschule. Nishinoya asks Kageyama, who he says has a mean look in his eyes, what junior high he is from. He is revealed to be Aobajohsai's captain and official setter. Come shower time, Hinata tells Tanaka there's someone else besides the volleyball team in the building, spooking the latter. When Yamaguchi lands his first service ace, Nishinoya and Hinata would be so overwhelmed with excitement that they had to be held back from running onto the court by Sugawara and Ennoshita. He adds that since volleyball is a battle of height, libero might be the only position where a short player can thrive but he did not become a libero because of his height. The training camp officially begins and the players ready themselves for the showdown against Nekoma. Nekoma serves which Nishinoya receives then sends it to Kageyama. No wonder he’s the #1 setter. He and Daichi are later put in charge of receiving Oikawa's serves due to being the two best receivers on the team. Sawamura later compliments his receive. In the Manga Discover (and save!) See more ideas about haikyuu anime, haikyuu, haikyuu funny. Because of this, Atsumu is able to score several points off of Nishinoya and causes him to be overwhelmed with fear to the point where he begins to hesitate in his movements. He is also given the nickname The Guardian Deity (守護神 Shugoshin). Voice Actor And that’s all that matters. Dec 20, 2016 - rrRRROOOOLLLLLIIIINNGG,, THUNDERRR!!!. With his wild hairstyle, there is a part of it that is dyed blonde. Nishinoya's high energy would be an asset to the team when they faced Johzenji. When the set continues and Atsumu once more targets Nishinoya, Kinoshita shouts to the libero to move forward when he again hesitates. I bolted up, smiling as I got out of bed. And while that wasn’t necessarily wrong, he just did it in a way I hadn’t expected. After the two first years arrived, Karasuno was finally able to win a match. Karasuno earns a point and Nishinoya switches out with Hinata.[17]. Nishinoya's skills in defense are said to be unparalleled. Especially with how he’s always willing to go all out for his team and how honest he is about things. 16 - 17 (High School 2nd Year) - 2012 Hinata gets across … [6], While leaving Aoba Johsai High after their practice match, Sawamura states that while they have little time left before the Interhigh preliminaries begin, it's about time for Karasuno's "Guardian Deity", Nishinoya, to return.[7]. But Inarizaki is known for pulling out new attacks on the fly, making them a dangerous force to go up against. Image gallery Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Shôyô Hinata ist zwar klein, aber ein Energiebündel und hofft, beim Volleyball seine fehlende Größe durch Sprungkraft und Schnelligkeit wett machen zu können. Hinata, amazed and a bit shocked, comments that Nishinoya is shorter than him which annoys the latter. "C-Come on guys." Create New Account. The match ends with the neighborhood team as the winner, 2-0. Pre-timeskip Background Information Nishinoya mentally says that his job is strictly to connect everyone as he can't fight in the spikers' domain, the sky, but if he can keep the rally going, their ace will definitely score - and he will keep the ball in play even if it rebounds off the wall of blockers. Nishinoya and the rest of the Karasuno team meet up with Nekoma at Karasuno Sports Gymnasium.[16]. 1/2 Credits to the due author. In the second set, Date Tech starts to pressure Karasuno by being able to block the spiker's more and Nishinoya at times misses to make a receive. When it was unclear if the third year's would stay with the team, Nishinoya was briefly seen looking upset but happily celebrated when the third year's announced they would stay on the team until the Spring Tournament.

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